One Minute Thriller #1: Tommy Bottles

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One Minute Thrillers by August BirchTommy Bottles smashed them. Tommy looked like an easy mark, but the robbery ended with a glass-covered dead guy . Tommy ignored Sal’s plea to run. But he did accept a ride from a strange woman in a Cadillac.

The woman’s driver escorted them away from the park. Tommy watched Sal shrink in the rear window. “I watched you, Tommy, and I know we’ll do great things together,” she said. Tommy stared at his shoes and hands. She owned him.

The car stopped at a house. “Hit him, no matter what,” she said. Tommy rang and used a beer bottle to punish the man who answered. Screams, pleas, and shattered glass came from inside. Tommy stepped out.

“That’s the way we’ll get this done–you and me,” she said. “Who was that? He had a convincing argument,” asked Tommy. As the door slammed on Tommy’s death row cell, her answer hung in the air. “He was my father. Now I’m in charge.”


Written by August Birch



One Minute Thrillers™ are a specific format I designed in an attempt to pack an entire thriller story in the time it takes to read one minute’s worth of text. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do writing them.

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