The Barrel is Available Now!

The Road to Hell is Uncorked: Imagine Holden Caulfield meets Leon—and hold on to your wine glass with both hands

SHAWN WANTS MORE FROM LIFE THAN DEATH in a tiny cubicle—shoehorned next to the office bathroom, with a boss who wants him gone. A chance encounter with a mysterious woman forces Shawn to make the career choice of his life. What starts as a lucrative job in wine sales tumbles down a dark rabbit hole of world travel, murder, madness, and mayhem.

With his one-eyed partner, Shawn is thrust underground where the typical constraints of laws and money no longer apply. Exotic locations, hazing rituals, and a cast of misfit handlers take Shawn on a twisted journey towards the highest bidder. Will Shawn close the sale before time runs out, or will he fall to the dark side as others did before him?

The Barrel is a gripping thriller that will force you behind the curtain, revealing a gritty underworld invisible to average citizens. With a brilliant blend of dark humor, danger, and suspense, The Barrel will make you late for dinner and miss your bedtime.

August Birch- Thriller Author

August Birch lives in Southwest Michigan with his wife and son. He weaves dark humor, unexpected plot twists, and a rural, blue-collar work ethic throughout his writing. August creates page-flipping thrillers, built to make you late for work and keep you well-past bedtime.

August started his writing career publishing a dozen non-fiction books under a pseudonym, but made his commitment to fiction at the young age of thirty-nine. When August isn’t trying to kill people in strange ways he shaves his head with a safety razor, carries a pocket knife, and drinks black coffee.

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